Little River Montessori School

The Little River Montessori School definitely had me step out of my comfort zone with its unique design style. The School is a unique educational experience for kids containing a wide curriculum in and out of a classroom setting. The design style is known as Matisse and is best described as cut-out images or blurbs organized in a unique asymmetrical structure using bright colors. It challenged my skills in spacing and creating the unique but legible print. I experienced the style in my making background with elements the school uses in their designs. Some purposes for these background graphics are social media or print pieces. Another test was making a yard sign just to advertise the school, in which I took the elements and organized them all the way around to surround the type. I also had to learn how to adjust their yearly calendar and set up various tabs and dates in the document. However, my favorite project was making paper dolls for the students to cut out and build paper people with. This involved proper sizing. and making sure each piece would stay attached to the paper Overall, the little River School proved to be a challenging but fun experience.

Riley's Portfolio


There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for