Who is Riley Mims?

A graphic/ website designer who brings expertise and pride into their digital creations. An expert creative and detail-oriented designer with advanced skill level and experience in various mediums. Who possess a great understanding of both the design and marketing sides respectively. With experience releasing/coordinating marketing campaigns and events. I’m always willing to learn skills or step up to challenges with a smile.

I wish to continue my design and marketing knowledge to improve  myself with each experience. I will always be up for any project or idea that comes my way!

My Experience

Sept 2022-Current

Marketing Director/ Graphic Specialist

During my time as a  Marketing Director/ Design Specialist at a modular construction company, National Partitions, which builds prefabricated office rooms. The created content consisted of print media, online, and social media. I would organize each content piece with the CEO to make marketing campaigns run smoothly. Working closely with the sales team, I  coordinate pieces for a specific product. I also took videos/ photos in the facility and on job sites where our product was.

  • Coordinating marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and company events
  • Designing and managing web, print, and social content for sales team and company
  • Photography/ videography of employees, products, and job sites
  •  Traveling to job sites and asking customers about there exirpience. (getting testimonials)
  • Managing company social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Writing/ Description of our products
MAY 2020-Spetmeber 2022

Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator

I became the lead Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator at an education-based retail company, National School Products, which tested my skills in both design and market. I created flyers, certificates, and catalogs for our products to be distributed and sold. I then branched out into more online graphics such as banners, email ads, and running the company website. I learned how to use aesthetic design as a marketing tool towards audiences. While also taking on managing roles while employed.

  • Creating, designing, and managing web content for company site(Banners, Products, Sales, Ecommerce)
  • Payroll
  • Packing, sealing, and shipping products
  • Coding and troubleshooting website
  • Make product graphics and creating catalogs for mass distribution
  • Coordinating sales, specials, and discounts online
FEBUARY 2022-JULY 2022

Graphic Design Intern/ Partime

My college internship at the Online Marketing Alder&Co was perhaps my biggest learning experience in a fast-paced creative design setting. I worked with all forms of media print, social, websites, and email. Under the guidance of the Lead Designer, Project Manager, Social Coordinator, Content Marketing Specialist, and Ceo I learned valuable skills from each member. I worked on brands from different backgrounds such as Healthcare, Bars, Distillery, Schools, and Non-proft-Organizations. My design skills in both online and print were strengthened and sharpened here.

  • Worked with the Ascension Healthcare Brands and Subrands
  • Designing print online content for company clients(Flyers, Templates, Social Media, Posters)
  • Concepting and coming up with content ideas both on and offline
  • Branding and following client brand guidelines
  • Working in a fast paced team setting, with good communication skills
OCTOBER 2019- APRIL 2020

Graphic Design Intern

This high school internship introduced me to the wide world of design and its real-world applications. Tasked with creating, reviewing, editing, and adjusting all forms of media. working with brands and clients to achieve more then a satisfactory level of design work

  • Worked on projects for Royal Oaks Community on the following(Brochure, Business Cards, Flyers, Double Exposure Effects)
  • Interview Clients on their desired outline for their rebranding
  • Create and review design elements and gave detailed critic
  • Learned the insides of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Riley's Portfolio



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